Bella’s House of Hope address a critical need in our community, a need that typically falls between the cracks on the spectrum of social service programs. Single parents with children with special or medical needs often cannot get direct aid or support.

Many outlets for support are targeted towards the needs of the child, which does not address housing, therapy, and support for moms. A single mom faces many uphill battles, juggling time and scarce resources while trying to provide love and support for their child. Mix in the overwhelming specter of a child with long term special or medical needs, and you have a population in dire need of our community’s support.

There are 93 million children with special needs globally.

One in every nine school-aged children in the U.S. is categorized as a special needs child. In most families, it is the mom (and more often than not, single mom) who has the responsibility of being the primary caregiver.

Bella’s House of Hope will be a warm, welcoming place for moms who need a break, support, rejuvenation, and stress relief. It is a place where they can hear “Everything is going to be OK.”

“Bella’s House of Hope cannot do its work without the support of our amazing donors and fundraisers. Your financial support is the backbone of making our mission a reality, and we thank you for considering a donation to change the life of a special needs mom.”

Bella’s House of Hope is currently fundraising to purchase a home that will host a resource center for single moms and their kids with special needs or special medical needs, and provide housing for up to two families in crisis or extreme need. Bella’s House of Hope will inspire hope and provide a safe haven and community service support for single parents with children who have long term intellectual, developmental, and medical disabilities.

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Click here to listen to our founder Nadia Gastelum and Kevin Robertson, our program advisor, speak about Bella’s House of Hope on U~T San Diego Radio.

Bella's House of Hope

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