Bella’s House of Hope

Our mission is to support single parent families who have kids with both medical and special needs.

Bella’s House of Hope inspires hope and provides a safe haven and community service support for single parents with children who have long-term intellectual, developmental, and medical disabilities.

The Founder and her Inspiration

Nadia was a couture designer who returned to San Diego after traveling the world as a model. Shortly after her return she married and was expecting her first baby. In the delivery room, her eager anticipation turned to fear. Bella was born non-responsive with a life threatening diagnosis. While dealing with the emotions, grief, and stress of a new norm, she decided in that moment she would dedicate her life to care for sweet Bella. The challenges in her marriage increased which led her to becoming a single mom.

The Hard Part

I got this, I don’t got this… Let’s be honest, parenting is hard under best of circumstances. If you’re single and raising a child that has special needs — whether they be medical, cognitive, neurological, behavior, sensory, or physical — the normal stress of parenting is compounded by an onslaught of additional stress, doubt, and questions. In this process, I decided to be a good mom instead of a perfect one.

The Purpose

Making meaning out of a disability and strength was challenging but when integrated with a positive outlook, my purpose was discovered. Having Bella as my daughter brought new meaning to life. I found opportunity, hope, compassion and gratitude for all parents out there of special needs kids. I realized ‘I am not alone’. With all the understanding, knowledge, and confidence I was gaining, I decided to start a nonprofit organization. It is designed to distribute direct financial assistance while minimizing frustration, anger, and trauma. Trimming the F.A.T. as I like to call it. We provide financial support with rent, transportation, food, medical supplies, furniture, family and group therapy. Of course the process of building a positive family takes time, you know about Rome right… I know this much, with your support, together we can have a positive outcome on these amazing families.

We Support Families

Watch as one incredible mom and her son come home from the hospital to a fully-furnished apartment, thanks to Bella’s House of Hope.

Donate now to be a force of positive change in these family’s lives.

“Bella’s House of Hope cannot do its work without the support of our amazing donors and fundraisers. Your financial support is the backbone of making our mission a reality, and we thank you for considering a donation to change the life of a special needs mom.”

Nadia, Founder and CEO


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